Mission Statement

O-G Family & General Dentistry

Our Mission Statement captures the essence of who we are, how we think, and what you can expect. It embodies the 3-C’s or Clinical Excellence, Continuing Education and Customer Care. Simply put, our goal is “To improve the oral health of every person through Clinical Excellence, Continuing Education, and Customer Care.”

  • Clinical Excellence—We model clinical excellence—diagnostic acumen, knowledge and mastery of dentistry—and provide a comprehensive spectrum of evidence-based, quality oral health services to our patient clientele.
  • Continuing Education—We keep pace with advancing technology and industry innovations through continuing education that exceeds state requirements.
  • Customer Care—We serve the community of Putnam County residents with skill and compassion.

O-G Family & General Dentistry Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement—the collective goal of everyone in the practice—is “To be one of the best dental practices in Putnam County and the surrounding area.”

O-G Family & General Dentistry Core Values

Like you, we have values that we hold dear. Similarly we developed four “Core Values” that are on display each and every day as we meet, greet, interact, and serve the people of Putnam County, including:

  • Friendly—We advance oral health by fostering a welcoming, supportive and compassionate culture that is inviting to the residents of Putnam County.
  • Innovation—We leverage knowledge, information and industry advancements to deliver innovative and beneficent treatments to our patient clientele.
  • Ethical—We pride ourselves on adherence to traditional values and high ethical standards. We are always mindful of the privilege and responsibility of caring for another person.
  • Work Ethic—We appreciate the value of hard work and a job well done.

We hope this helps you learn a little more about us. And we look forward to learning a lot more about your family and you! To schedule an appointment, simply complete the online form or call our office at 419-419-3334 or toll free at 888-787-4808.